Mustangs Swim to 2nd Big Win

Mason swimmer Nabil Osborn hugs John Marshall, who gets a high five from Sara Mills while Daniel Nette cheers Nik Hokaj finishing up the 200-yard freestyle relay. The team placed second at 1:52.87. (Photo: Courtesy Carol Sly)
Mason swimmer Nabil Osborn hugs John Marshall, who gets a high five from Sara Mills while Daniel Nette cheers Nik Hokaj finishing up the 200-yard freestyle relay. The team placed second at 1:52.87. (Photo: Courtesy Carol Sly)

A late-night meet for George Mason High School’s varsity boys and girls swim teams last Saturday against Manassas Park High School came with a few nice surprises – one record-breaking performance, and two finishes that qualified athletes for the VHSL state meet at the end of the season.

Francesca King broke a Mason record by finishing the girls 200-yard freestyle in 2:11.92. The record was formerly held by Kelley Frank from 2010. Ziggy Thetard followed in second place at 2:29.38.

Beth Cashin posted a VHSL state meet qualifying in the girls 100-yard backstroke, placing first at 1:08.03; Thetard followed in second at 1:12.70.

With his boys 50-yard freestyle finish, Austin Gogal placed first at 0:23.78 and qualified for states as well. Daniel Reinfurt came in second at 0:25.42. The duo also took the top spots in the boys 100-yard freestyle, with Gogal in first at 0:55.18 and Reinfurt in second at 0:56.52.

Both the boys and the girls teams won convincingly, and they head into the winter break with more chances to excel just a few weeks away.

The meet started at 8:30 p.m. with three Mustang swimmers singing the national anthem. Off of the blocks, there were five straight races with Mason finishing 1-2; Manassas Park got a second-place finish in the sixth race. Three more races followed with Mason 1-2 before the much smaller Manassas Park team had a first-place finish. By the end of the night, 21 of the 22 races were won by Mason and solid performances were turned in from every lane in the pool. The boys finished with 83 points to Manassas Park’s 11. By a slightly smaller margin, the Mason girls won 78-16.

In the boys 200-yard medley relay, the team of Justin Britton, Andrew Hokaj, Gogal, and Reinfurt took first at 1:51.64, followed by the team of Vincent Camacho, Nabil Osborn, Christopher Markus, and Ian Hokaj in second at 1:57.71. In the girls 200-yard medley relay, the team of Thetard, King, Sara Mills, and Erin McFall placed first at 2:06.04, followed by the team of Hannah Hiscott, Julianne Kelly, Sarah Miller, and Cashin in second at 2:09.80.

In the boys 200-yard freestyle, Nik Hokaj placed first at 2:07.07 and Camacho placed second at 2:10.43. The pair also took first and second in the boys 500-yard freestyle, with Hokaj in first at 5:40.65 and Camacho in second at 5:55.64.

Similarly, McFall and Mills took first and second, respectively, in the girls 50-yard freestyle (McFall at 0:26.63 and Mills at 0:28.75) and the girls 100-yard freestyle (McFall at 0:59.18 and Mills at 1:06.57).

In the boys 200-yard individual medley, Markus placed first at 2:21.92 and Ian Hokaj placed second at 2:24.99. In the girls 200-yard individual medley, Cashin placed first at 2:26.80.

In the boys 100-yard fly, Justin Britton was first at 1:03.52 and Andrew Hokaj was second at 1:04.36. In the girls 100-yard fly, Miller was second at 1:11.32.

In the girls 500-yard freestyle, Hiscott placed first at 6:50.26 and Anna Rice placed second at 6:58.51.

In the boys 200-yard freestyle relay, the team of Gogal, Andrew and Ian Hokaj, and Reinfurt placed first at 1:40.65. The team of Osborn, Daniel Nette, John Marshall, and Nik Hokaj placed second at 1:52.87.

In the girls 200-yard freestyle relay, the team of Miller, King, Kelly, and McFall placed first at 1:51.06. The team of Mills, Blaise Sevier, Sydney Marple, and Leah Worley placed second at 2:02.81.

In the boys 100-yard backstroke, Markus placed first at 1:02.62, followed by Britton in second at 1:03.18.

In the boys 100-yard breaststroke, Andrew Hokaj placed first at 1:11.94, followed by Osborn in second at 1:13.38. In the girls 100-yard breaststroke, King placed first at 1:16.03 and Miller placed second at 1:21.50.

The boys 400-yard freestyle relay team of Camacho, Nik Hokaj, Britton, and Markus placed first at 3:50.91. The team of Ian Hokaj, Marshall, Preston Meeks, and Jackson Jost placed second at 4:15.02. In the girls 400-yard freestyle relay, the team of Kelly, Rice, Thetard, and Cashin placed first at 4:23.14, and the team of Hiscott, Sevier, Marple, and Juliette Hegadorn placed second at 4:53.55.

The last Saturday of winter break will see the Mason swimmers traveling back to the Manassas Community Center for a meet against Strasburg High School at 6 p.m.