2024-05-21 12:11 PM

F.C. Business Leader at White House

Andrew Borene, chairman of the Falls Church-based Robotics Alley, was among a group of business leaders from across the country who gathered at the White House Monday to brief the President’s economic advisors on how to create jobs and accelerate economic recovery.

In his remarks, the White House said, Borene stated, “A great opportunity for strengthening America’s young economic recovery will be seizing this year’s opportunity for comprehensive immigration reform. If Congress passes the bipartisan Senate bill in 2014, the economy could grow by up to $1.4 trillion in the coming decades while reducing our nation’s deficit by nearly $1 trillion. We can add millions of new American citizens as legal, tax-paying, wage-earners and high-tech employers will be better able to attract the world’s top scientific talent to drive innovation-based industries.”






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