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Fairfax Co. Schools Introduces Partnership Starter Website

Fairfax County Public Schools has developed a new online tool that will help match potential partners with schools or an FCPS office or program. Business and community groups that are considering establishing a partnership and schools that are looking for a partner can use a new matchmaking tool, the FCPS Partnership Starter.

Completing the FCPS Partnership Starter questionnaire will help the Office of Business and Community Partnerships recommend a potential partner by matching keywords and using mapping tools. If a match is identified, there is no obligation to create a partnership with any potential partner.

When potential matches are identified, the Office of Business and Community Partnerships will first contact the FCPS principal or program manager that is matched to confirm his or her continued interest. If they remain interested, the business or community group contact will be notified so that conversations can begin with willing parties sharing like-minded objectives.

The FCPS Partnership Starter is unique to Fairfax County Public Schools. It is managed by the Department of Communications and Community Outreach and was built with support from the Department of Facilities and Transportation Services and the Department of Information Technology.