No Hazardous Waste Disposal Site in Falls Church, City Clarifies

Outside of its once yearly collection event, held a few weeks ago on Sept. 28, the City of Falls Church cannot accept household hazardous waste for disposal, the City clarified in a press release Wednesday. Household hazardous waste refers to used or leftover contents of consumer products that contain materials that are either toxic, ignitable, corrosive, or reactive. Improper disposal of even a small amount of hazardous waste can have major adverse impacts on our environment and could even result in death or serious bodily injury.

Citizens are urged to not leave hazardous waste in the hands of a City employee or at the CityRecycling Center, which is under video surveillance. Unattended household hazardous waste is dangerous and subject to state and federal fines. The safest way for residents to dispose of household hazardous waste outside an annual City-sponsored collection event is to bring items to the Fairfax County Transfer Station, a permanent collection facility located at 4618 West Ox Rd., Fairfax.