Letters to the Editor: September 5 – 11, 2013

 Bikenetic, Brits on Broad Need Public Support


As has been reported, the City is considering a proposal to develop the northeast corner of the intersection of West Broad and North West streets. Physical improvement to this section of Falls Church can be seen as positive and long overdue. The buildings on this corner are old, and those which are abandoned, an eye sore. It was certainly only a matter of time before this property was considered for a facelift; it is a great location—as we well know!

Unfortunately, this idea will negatively impact both the established and new retailers on this corner, in the short term at a minimum. Those of us in the 900 block of West Broad who are relatively new to the neighborhood risked borrowed capital to bring in fresh ideas and improvements to the existing, dilapidated store fronts. And we have been successful in introducing and serving wonderful new customers to our stores.

We are happy with the welcoming response we’ve received from the F.C. community, as well as those who drive distances to visit us, because they have heard good things about the service and merchandise we offer. The retailers on this corner have become a team, of sorts. We patronize each other’s stores, and we refer customers to each other.

Of the many businesses in the City, two of us “newbies,” Brits on Broad and Bikenetic, have even been nominated for a Best of Falls Church award this year; Lazy Sundae is a perennial favorite at this location.

The Economic Development office, Chamber of Commerce, and the developers have assured us that they will work with us to minimize the impact on our businesses. We at Bikenetic are writing this letter publicly to ask for your support by staying informed, attending future meetings, and by vocalizing your support.

Falls Church is becoming more desirable and vibrant with every passing year. We hope to participate in its growth and development, continue to contribute to “neighborhood” feel and, with your support, to be serving you in future years at this same location!

Jan Feuchtner

Bikenetic, Falls Church


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