Honda Wheel Thieves Strike in F.C.

A Honda Fit on Fulton Ave. in Falls Church was robbed of its wheels last weekend, part of an epidemic of such thefts in Northern Virginia, as reported in the Washington Post. It was reported that 43 Hondas, including 17 Fits and nine Civics, were stripped of their tires in Arlington in the past year.

According to an Arlington police spokesman, the 15-inch wheels are used for street racing, fitting onto the low-riding import vehicles often used for high speed races. While wheel locks can be a deterrent, the police said that in most cases thieves have figured out how to remove them. Drivers are advised to install and activate car alarms, park in well-lit areas and use garages when possible.

The Post reported that a regional auto task force is looking at the problem, which extends throughout Northern Virginia.