F.C.’s Khamis in Egypt: ‘Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist’

Sam Khamis, long-time auditor for the City of Falls Church, sent the following e-mail to the News-Press today from Cairo:

“I am in Egypt right now and CNN, BBC, and the French media are not reporting the truth about what is happening here in Egypt. The truth is that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization which is firing machine guns, hand grenades, shotguns, Molotov cocktails and anti tank missiles at people randomly. This is not a peaceful protest whatsoever. They are a terrorist group which has massacred policemen in their police stations and then mutilated their bodies. After shooting the police, they kept them from getting medical attention so they would die. They killed 22 policemen who were off duty and didn’t have any weapons, tied their hands up and laid them in the street and shot them in the head one by one. The Brotherhood brought people from Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, and Chechnyan and Palestinians from Hamas. Some were caught so this is why we know about their nationality. Please report this to your readers in Falls Church. Thanks Sam Khamis”