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Letters to the Editor: August 15 – 21, 2013

 Russia Has Not Earned LGBT Community’s Respect


In his News-Press column last week, Johnny Weir wrote “To me, waving a rainbow flag in victory or defeat would be the same as waving a flag that celebrated my skin color, ethnic origin or eye color– the things I’ve been born with. It is one thing to be proud, and quite another to make a scene. I want people to accept my community with open arms as normal, because we are normal. Competing on behalf of the United States and waving any flag other than the American one would be disrespectful.”

In terms of being “respectful,” Russia’s new law seeks to make LGBT people invisible and labels their existence “propaganda.” Given the draconian, homophobic nature of such a law – that is already causing bloodshed – we should be disrespectful. Or, at least treat Russian officials with the same disdain they have for the LGBT community.

It sets a bad example if Weir will not participate in any coordinated U.S. action that brings visibility to the plight of Russian LGBT people. When they pass out the rainbow pins, he should strongly consider wearing it.

Wayne Besen

Via the Internet


Opposes Funding Cuts in Education By Feds or State


My name is Zoe Allen-Lewis and I live in Falls Church. I don’t think Congress should cut funding for education in Virginia. I also think that Virginia shouldn’t cut eduction in schools for kids. Virginia is losing $14 million for secondary education and early start.

Your education wouldn’t be as good if there wasn’t any funding.

Zoe Allen-Lewis

Falls Church


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