Letters to the Editor: July 11-17, 2013

 Ideally, News & Commentaries Never Mix


Regarding Kathryne Gem’s letter complaining about Wayne Besen being judgmental — as a columnist, that’s his job, expressing opinions. Columnists — sometimes called “commentators” — add flavor to publications by giving personal perspectives. Of course, opinions don’t belong in news articles — a rule FCNP unfortunately frequently violates, along with its Platform #4, “Do not let the news columns reflect editorial policy”. Ideally, news and opinions never mix.

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church


Besen Applauded For Column on ‘Conversion Therapy’


Three cheers for Mr. Besen’s July 4 column entitled” Suckers for Scripture.”

He has rightly described, using contemporary examples, the symptoms and end result of a particularly virulent disease.

No one should be surprised that the scoundrels mentioned could so easily hoodwink the Christian faithful. They are used to being hoodwinked.

Consider their slavish devotion to a collective group of ancient documents, written by superstitious people, labeled the New Testament.

Large parts of this “corpus superstitious” were written anonymously, mainly the Gospels. Many books of the New Testament are out and out forgeries, 2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, Colossians, 1&2 Timothy and Titus are well documented as being unassailable candidates for pious fraud.This is no propaganda! Hundreds of Scholars, all accredited, all Ivy League, will attest to a large amount of falsehood being inserted, edited and redacted into the scriptural texts as we know them.

How then can naive people, steeped in foolish theology, unaware of blatant deceit in their “sacred scripture” written 2,000 years ago, do anything but perpetuate the superstition pregnant in their world outlook? How could they detect malice in anyone mimicking these beliefs?

The disease is Bibliolatry.

The cure, according to Thomas Jefferson, is ridicule!

Well done Mr. Besen!

Lucian Watts

Falls Church 


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