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Letters to the Editor: June 27 – July 3, 2013

 Not Regulation, But Frivolous Rules at Issue


I’m writing in response to a ‘Letter to the Editor’ from your June 20 edition in which the writer claims that the “left wants no regulation of abortion clinics.” The writer seemed to miss the point of the clinic’s argument. This isn’t a call for no regulation or even reduced regulation and monitoring; it is legal action against frivolous rules that do nothing to advance the health and medical care of mothers and babies.

Nobody wants “no regulation” and monitoring, which could lead to more cases of illegal and reprehensible clinic actions, such as the Gosnell case in Philadelphia brought to light. However, costly regulations that are not based on medical and health needs specific to the services these clinics perform may drive these clinics to shut down, thereby leaving as the only option the very same unregulated, “filthy abortion facilities” that the writer notes.

Mariam Ward

Falls Church


‘Big Brother’ Column Focused On Old Examples


Nicholas Benton’s column, “Big Brother,” was disappointing to say the least. I was impressed with the start of the article’s lament of the NSA spying on American citizens, but then for some bizarre reason he chose to use various points to waste nearly half of the article to attack the policies of the Bush/Cheney administration. In a day when people lament the “Low Information Voters” it is disturbing that the owner of a newspaper is unaware of the fact that Bush and Cheney left office over four years ago, and actually do not have any say in the current administration’s policies.

Equally disturbing is that Benton never once calls out by name President Obama or Attorney General Eric holder, people who have a much greater role in shaping today’s policy. Introspection is never easy or fun, but if the left in this country, whose views Mr. Benton seems to represent, aren’t happy with what is happening in the U.S. today and want things to improve maybe it’s time to be more vocal in criticism of the current president and to let go of its hatred of the last one.

Jeff Walyus



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