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Muskrat Theatre Company’s ‘Becoming Human’ Opens Next Weekend

The Flying Muskrat Theatre Company is kicking off its second season with “Becoming Human,” an evening of short plays with a common theme: Growing, changing, and evolving into the people we are today.

Co-directed by FMTC’s Melanie Reuter and Brennan Jones, “Becoming Human” will feature two world-premiere performances: “Sentiment” by Marie Lupia and “Lies My Parents Told Me” by The Flying Muskrat Theatre Company.

“The Loveliest Afternoon of The Year” by John Guare will also be featured.

“Sentiment” details a few tumultuous days in the short life of a robot called F04 and her creator, Ambrose. F04 takes a test shortly after her creation to see if she can legally be human, but fails. Facing the termination of her creation, Ambrose goes to great lengths to protect her “daughter,” and tells F04 the real reason she failed the test: She is too human.

In “The Loveliest Afternoon of The Year,” He and She meet unexpectedly. She hasn’t spoken to anyone in 11 months of living in 1960s New York, and He just doesn’t want her to be devoured by ravenous pigeons. An unlikely love blossoms, and a quirky, funny, and absurd love story culminates with a powerful finish.

“Lies My Parents Told Me” takes on the loving fibs told by parents – from the myth of Santa, to the dog on the farm, and the infamous, dream crushing “you can be anything” – and attacks them without mercy.

“Becoming Human” will run next Friday and Saturday at The James Lee Community Center, 2855 Annandale Road, Falls Church. Performances are scheduled for 7 p.m. each evening. Tickets are $9 at the door. For more information, visit