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Longfellow Science Olympiad Ends Season 16th in Nation

The Longfellow Middle School Science Olympiad team completed its 2012-13 season by finishing 16th in the country at the Science Olympiad National Tournament, held last month in Dayton.

Competing against more than 1,000 of the country’s top science students, Longfellow students won 15 top-20 events, eight of which were in the top 10.

The following students finished in the top six and received medals: Laith Samamrah and Tim Wu, fourth place in Green Generation; Eric Liu and Neeraj Prasad, fifth place in Water Quality; and Nina Chung and Gerald Wu, sixth place in Reach for the Stars.

Team members included Will Baxley, Scott Becker, Zuhayr Choudhury, Shannon Chu, Nina Chung, Stephanie Do, Katherine Du, Alex Fried, Will Glembocki, Elizabeth Kim, John Krause-Steinrauf, Ramneek Hazrah, Karina Holbrook, Alex Howe, Eric Liu, Shreya Ramesh, Danny Magruder, Rahul Mani, Alvand Moini, Josh Mosier, Solomon Onyejekwe, Neeraj Prasad, Laith Samamreh, Siddarth Shankar, Alex Sun, Varun Talwar, Gerald Wu, Tim Wu, Anna Zhang, and Sarah Zhou.

Coaches were Susan Boomer, Beth Chung, and Lan Fan.