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F.C. Peace Corps Volunteer Promotes Organic Agricultural Production in Panama


Peace Corps volunteer Thomas Barnes of Falls Church is working with his community in Panama to renovate a school garden to teach students about organic agriculture. A portion of the funds for the project were raised through the Peace Corps Partnership Program, a program that helps support Peace Corps volunteer community projects worldwide. A graduate of the University of Miami, Barnes has been working on community environment conservation in Panama since January 2012. The funds raised through the PCPP will be used to purchase and construct the transparent roof over the local school garden and irrigation center. The new garden will include areas for organic compost, worm boxes, and pesticide development. Barnes recognized the community’s dependence and overuse of chemically-based fertilizers and herbicides were causing harm to the environment and health of the population. Working alongside the director of the local school and residents, he designed the garden renovation to provide instruction of healthier food production.