2024-06-18 6:38 PM

Mustang Girls Soccer Adds to 6-Game Streak

By Drew Costley

George Mason High School’s girls varsity soccer team has been on a six-game win streak since losing to district opponent Clarke County High School 1-0 in mid-April. The Mustangs beat Rappahannock County High School 5-0 on Tuesday after beating William Monroe High School 6-1 last Friday.

William Monroe is only the second district opponent to score a goal on the Mustangs this season.

“The thing about William Monroe is they’re very physical and they pressure really high. So as soon as we made one mistake in the back, they capitalized on it and scored,” said Head Coach Jennifer Parsons. “It was good to have another team to keep us on our toes because we haven’t had that type of competition since we played Clarke.”

Sophomore goalkeeper Katie Cheney finished the game with 11 saves.

“It was good because she hasn’t really been challenged much outside of practice,” Parsons said. “So it was good for her to be in a real-game situation and have some pressure on her as well.”

Junior midfielder Claire Trevisan, the Mustangs’ leading scorer with 15 goals, said the Mustangs “held [their] own” against the “scrappy” Dragons.

“We were able to use the outsides effectively and get crosses and some shots,” she said.

Trevisan scored two goals and assisted with two goals against the Dragons, as did sophomore forward Ava Roth. Sophomore forward Mary Keenan and senior defender Hailey Thomas scored a goal each in the match. Senior defender/midfielder Araba Ankuma assisted with two goals, and senior defender Miska Chehata assisted with one.

Parsons said the Mustangs did a better job of taking advantage of scoring opportunities against the Dragons than they did against Rappahannock County. She cited three early breakaways as examples of failing to turn scoring opportunities into goals, but the Panthers bunched up in the defensive box, allowing the Mustangs room to also cross the ball from the sides of the field.

“I think just the aggression and timing wasn’t there tonight,” Parsons said. Parsons said the girls, many of whom are in the middle of international baccalaureate exams, are showing signs of fatigue during games.

“We were really energetic in the first half and we were connecting a lot and possessing the ball and taking lots of shots,” Keenan said. “Then in the second half, we kept doing that but it slowed down a little.”

The Mustangs first score came in the ninth minute when Trevisan scored off of an assist by Keenan, but they did most of their scoring in the middle of the first half.

Roth took advantage of a loose ball situation in front of the Panthers’ goal in the 18th minute to score the Mustangs’ second goal. Trevisan scored her second goal and the Mustangs’ third goal of the game three minutes later. Three minutes after that, in the 24th minute, Keenan scored the Mustangs’ fourth goal with Trevisan on the assist. Trevisan scored her third and the Mustangs’ fifth goal in the 60th minute off of an assist from freshman defender Annie Washa.

The Mustangs play their final home game of the regular season on Friday against Strasburg High School, and then travel to Clarke County High School next Tuesday for a rematch against the top team in the district. If the Mustangs beat Clarke County, the teams will compete in a one-game playoff for the Bull Run District’s regular season champion and top seed in the district playoffs.


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