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Letters to the Editor: April 18 – 24, 2013

Winter Hill Condo Newsletter Biased Vs. Harris-Teeter


While I appreciate the news about our community that I receive via Winter Hill’s Broadside, especially since I rent my unit, I must respond to the item that appeared regarding the “Harris Teeter Dilemma” in the March/April issue.

The author was obviously “con” on the subject of the proposed development. I noted how the “Harris Teeter” logo conveniently occupied about 2/3 of the column where potential “pros” were listed. And, to me, it doesn’t seem as though much effort was exerted to come up with some additional “pros”—some of which contradict the purported “cons.” For example:

“Parking is going to be an issue.” However, earlier it is noted that the complex will contain 586 parking spaces (in addition to any available street parking). Let’s assume 1.5 cars per unit (probably a generous estimate for condos). That translates into 441 spaces occupied by residents. That leaves 145 spaces for those who chose to DRIVE to the new grocery store, plus any available street parking. It does not account for those who will chose to WALK to a new convenient shopping option, which is listed as a pro.

“Impact of construction on community.” Really? That is very temporary and would be over before we are really affected by the inconvenience.

“Multiple Deliveries 24/7 and Delivery vehicles at night.” First off, this is redundant. Secondly, has anyone spoken to the owners/management of Harris Teeter about this concern? If you have, please let us know. I would suspect that the owners would be receptive to altering their delivery schedule.

Now, allow me to high light some additional pros:

Potential real estate tax relief/additional tax receipts for the city

Alternative to the sole CURRENT grocery within the city of Falls Church—Competition is good.

Potential increase in property values and desirability of Falls Church.

Enhance the core “downtown” Falls Church area—which has immeasurable benefits.

Winter Hill’s community newsletter should be a source of news, events and board happenings in its community, not editorializing or opinion columns. There are other outlets for that. However, I would welcome and encourage a spirited debate in any forum open to the public.

Scott A. Williamson



Middle Schooler Wants Anthony’s Restaurant Saved


I am in the 7th Grade at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School and a Boy Scout in a local troop. Anthony’s Restaurant is my favorite restaurant and I would not want to see it closed. I think it would be a good idea for the city government to help the owners find a place for Anthony’s to stay until the new building is built. Then Anthony’s Restaurant can move into the new building.

Matthew Zampella

Falls Church


Mason Boosters Hail Another Mulch Success


On behalf of the George Mason High School Athletic Boosters, i want to thank all the volunteers, drivers, athletes, and customers who made another mulch sale a tremendous success. The Boosters delivered more than 3,000 bags of mulch throughout the City last Saturday because of the amazing assistance of so many people. The Boosters will use these the money earned to continue to provide outstanding support to not only the George Mason high school athletic programs, but with such community contributions as lights on the baseball and softball field that will expand community use of our facilities.

Again, thank you everyone who was involved.

Craig Cheney

Falls Church





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