Letters to the Editor: March 28 – April 3, 2013

FCNP Column on Catholic Church a Disservice to Many


My friend Nick Benton has done a disservice to his newspaper and his community, not to mention Catholics like me, with his March 14 column attacking the Catholic Church in the wake of the election of the new pope (“What Most Threatens The Catholic Church”).

His inflammatory rhetoric, which I’m sure he would rightly condemn as gay bashing if directed at the homosexual community, completely ignores the hopeful signs of renewal and reform signaled by the historic choice of Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires as the first pope from Latin America.

At the same time, Benton blames retired Pope Benedict the Sixth for failing to confront – and indeed help cover up – the horrific scandal of child sex abuse that has rocked the Church, as well as other religious and lay organizations, in recent years.

While it’s true that Benedict and his recent predecessors, and the Catholic hierarchy in general, failed to protect their flock against such criminal behavior, I’m confident that all Catholics will now expect and demand that the new pope make every effort to exorcise the Church’s sexual abuse demons.

Meanwhile, I’m concerned that the blatantly anti-Catholic rhetoric of the column only serves to encourage religious bigotry, which has no place in 21st century American society, and certainly not in a city named after a church.

Albert Eisele

Falls Church


Ignorance, Apathy Biggest Threats to Catholic Church


I’m sorry Mr. Benton was bored with the news coverage on the Vatican conclave in his column two weeks ago. I am wondering why he simply didn’t just turn your television set off. It appears that what was indeed interesting and even exciting to many viewers such as myself, only stirred his obvious negative feelings about what you call “this archaic institution,” the Catholic Church.

Yes, yes, the Catholic Church does have an interesting history, some of which shows brutality, injustice and nothing seemingly related to what Christianity truly is. Benton lightly touched on many horrible areas in its history, but I wonder if in all his “research” he has ever taken the time to understand the Church’s response to these issues? I’m not saying the Church’s defense, because the Church is well aware of the “bad” things in its history and does not deny them. The Church is made up of human beings, and we all are well aware of the faults of some humans when tempted with false pride, greed and other such sins. Is he sure he is up to date on the issues? Has he done any current reading or tuned into the Institute of Catholic Culture’s free website that has an enormous collection of lectures from modern day priests and scholars.

Is it just the Catholic Church he chooses to bash or is he this negative about other things too? Do you despise living the U.S. because it has a very dark history too, or can he also see the good that has come out of such a wonderful nation as ours? The Catholic Church educates, provides medical care and feeds millions of people in the world, at a cost to the Church. I’m not sure what he means by “its claim to a special right to fly above the rule of civil law,” but he did tend to skip all over the place in his column before trying to get to the point, which I suppose was to tell us what most threatens the Catholic Church.

I would dare say what most threatens the Church is ignorance and apathy.

Karen Graffam

Via the Internet


Those Who Loan F.C. $ Entitled To Assurances


Before the News-Press decides to lecture us on macroeconomics it might be useful if it understood the subject.

First of all, every dollar that the government spends or “invests” is a dollar not being spent for consumption or investment by the private sector, whether it is taken in direct taxes from individuals or indirectly taken from them via business taxes. Or, in the case of our federal government, our spending is essentially being paid for with a credit card whose bill gets handed to our children and grandchildren. This is not to suggest the libertarian extreme that all government be abolished, but until we all have an understanding how our government is financed we can’t have an intelligent discussion on the subject.

If the notion of fund balances and debt policies are too painful to acknowledge, then don’t ask for debt service, as those who loan Falls Church money are entitled to have confidence their loans will be repaid.

Jeff Walyus



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