Sewer Commodity Rate Due to Increase

At its business meeting tonight, the Falls Church City Council is expected to give preliminary first reading approval to an increase in the City’s sewer commodity rate from $7.91 per 1,000 gallons to $8.62, effective July 1.

“In view of capital costs incurred…to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandated wastewater treatment plant upgrades, the City undertook a comprehensive review of its sanitary sewer rates in 2010,” a memorandum from City Manager Wyatt Shields stated. “The resulting study found that the existing fee structure did not provide sufficient revenue for the operation of the system.” The rate increase will be marginal in dollar terms for the average City resident, amounting to an increase, for example, of $10,65 per quarter for users of 15,000 gallons. In addition, the Council gave a preliminary OK to revise sewer “availability charges,” raising rates for single family detached, semi-detached duplex or townhouse units, apartments and condo buildings, and for hotel and motel rooms (formerly hotels and motels billed as total units).