City of F.C. Enforces Snow Emergency Routes

In preparation for continuing snow accumulation, the City of Falls Church has declared a snow emergency effective at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 6. Effective immediately and until further notice is issued, the Police Department will enforce snow emergency routes; all vehicles must be removed from these routes. These routes are essential transportation corridors for the City and must remain clear in order to allow Public Works snow removal crews to clear the roads.

Public Works crews will be working around the clock to ensure City streets are safe and passable. First priority for salting and plowing will be snow emergency routes. Upon completion of clearing emergency routes, City crews will clear all other City streets.

Traffic signs identify City streets that are snow emergency routes. Vehicles abandoned or parked on snow emergency routes may be towed and fined. The traffic emergency routes are:

• Annandale Road from Hillwood Avenue to Broad Street (both sides of street)

• Broad Street from Haycock Road to Seven Corners (both sides of street)

• Columbia Street from Maple Avenue to Tuckahoe Street (Maple Avenue to Washington St.: both sides of street; Washington Street to Tuckahoe: single side of street)

• Great Falls Street from West Street to Washington Street (both sides of street)

• Hillwood Avenue from Washington Street to Seven Corners (both sides of street)

• Lincoln Avenue from West Street to Yucatan Street (both sides of street)

• Little Falls Street from Broad Street to Great Falls Street (both sides of street)

• Maple Avenue from Washington Street to Columbia Street (single side of street)

• Park Avenue from West Street to Washington Street (both sides of street)

• Roosevelt Street from Hillwood Avenue to Roosevelt Boulevard (both sides of street)

• Washington Street from Graham Road to Westmoreland Street (both sides of street)

• West Street from Abbott Lane to Great Falls Street (Abbott Lane to Broad Street: single side of street; Broad Street to Lincoln Avenue: both sides of street; Lincoln Avenue to Great Falls Street: single side of street)

More information and a map can be found on the City’s website at