Letters to the Editor: February 14 – 20, 2013

 Why Make All Pay for Stormwater Woes?


Regarding the “just revised” F.C. Stormwater Enterprise Fund, please, it doesn’t take an engineer to know water runs downhill while the money stays at the top.

The profitability in the commercial construction at the top of the hill, on the crest of Broad Street, over the past 30 years (and continuing today) obviously blinded any concern relative to the water runoff flowing toward those at the bottom of the hill, toward those homeowners living South of Broad Street.

Please explain: why should homeowners who live South of Broad feel comfortable, in any way, contributing to the fund now put forth to correct the problem? Only a frustrated comfort can even remotely be conjured by these residents, in the hope that their frequently flooded basements, might someday remain dry. Only a frustrated comfort can be had, in that such a so, so long often complained about problem might finally be taken care of.

No, it doesn’t take an engineer – to point any fingers of blame here.

What to do? What to do?

I happen to be for a proposal where any tax paying residents, on or above the crest of Broad Street, that they should foot the entire bill alone allowing South of Broad residents what they deserve: a sort of restitution relative to all the costs associated with their homes flooding over the years. Yet many would not think that fair, would they? Particularly those residents above Broad Street who don’t experience flooding.

Maybe those past responsible in the non-planning regarding this mess, maybe they should foot the bill? Nope, we surely can’t do that either. They are long retired, relaxing in their dry, large, fungus free houses above Broad Street.

I guess all the good citizens of Falls Church will simply need to pay – for other’s gross, past, blind mistakes.

Parker Chapman

Falls Church



Need to Hold Those Accountable for Drone Policy


I have to question the sincerity of Nicholas Benton’s indignation regarding the targeting of drone attacks against U.S. citizens. In his editorial he places blame for where we are now in the hands of the favorite leftist standby, George W. Bush, and to some degree he has this path originating in another of Mr. Benton’s favorite scapegoats, the Vietnam War. Benton also includes brief swipes at Grenada and Iran-Contra as examples of keeping the public and Congress in the dark, while conveniently ignoring more recent actions like Libya. Only in passing is President Obama mentioned at the top of the article in that John Brennan is the nominee of the Obama administration for the position of Director of the CIA.

No matter who created these policies or what events may have sent on the road to where we are today, the Vietnam War has been over for forty years and it’s been four years since George W. Bush has had any legal authority over the policies of the U.S. government. If left leaning media outlets such as the FCNP were sincere about their disdain for the likes of wiretaps, Guantanamo Bay, and drone strikes as they claimed they were during the Bush presidency we’d see far more headlines specifically calling out President Obama. Our mainstream media has the greatest access to reach the public via the airwaves, printing presses and web pages. For people with so much influence who claim to be against the security measure listed here, our press has a strange knack for not holding accountable the people with the power to end these policies.

Jeff Walyus



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