Letters to the Editor: January 7 – 13, 2013

Falls Church Has Alternatives to Franchise Foods


Since the election, its clear Obamacare will move towards full implementation. A number of disgruntled CEOs and franchise restaurant owners have been rather vocal now that its clear they will have to implement Obamacare. The most visible has been John Schnatter, CEO of Papa Johns who claimed the Obamacare would increase the price of each Papa John’s pizza by an amount between a dime and $0.15. Shocking !! I’m sure Falls Church denizens are just going to cringe at the thought of paying 10 cents more for a pizza. He also told some college students that Obamacare will “force” the company to cut worker hours so more are part-time employees. This would mean they wouldn’t have to be insured.

Zane Tankel, CEO of a large Applebee’s franchise said on Fox Business News that he was considering cutting employees’ hours in order to avoid Obamacare.

David Barr, owner of a large number of KFCs and Taco Bells claims he will have to file for bankruptcy.

Do these franchise CEOs understand that places like Falls Church have local, independent alternatives to their franchise foods, and in many cases better choices? John Schnatter needs to understand that besides Papa Johns, on Broad Street alone, we have Mad Fox, Sfizi, Z-Pizza and Pie-tanza, to name a few. So, for those of us who care about workers, we have another reason besides “buy local” to patronize our small independent businesses in Falls Church.

Raymond Lafleur

Falls Church


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