F.C. Schools CIP Has Mt. Daniel Relocation Option

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) adopted by the Falls Church School Board Tuesday night includes an option for relocation of Mt. Daniel Elementary to a new site, reflecting the recent discussions of the so-called “Kearney Plan” that would involve moving the school to the current F.C. City Hall site as part of a wider plan to relocate the City Hall.

Anticipating system-wide enrollment growth from its current 2,274 by 529 to 2,800 by the Fall of 2017. Over 90 percent of the growth is expected to come from the turnover of single family homes, and only 54 from new multi-unit projects. Thus, the new CIP plan calls for construction of a new George Mason High School, whose enrollment is projected to grow from 764 now to 929 by the Fall of 2017, with a capacity of 1,300, an enrollment expected by 2026. The CIP plan also calls for an expansion of the Henderson Middle School, completed expansion of Jefferson Elementary and construction of either an expanded and renovated Mt. Daniel or a new early childhood building for K-2. It includes the renovation of the City-owned Child Development Center on N. Cherry St. to house pre-K students.

Two options for early elementary grades involve renovation and expansion by nine classrooms of Mt. Daniel on its current site, which would face stiff resistance from Fairfax County (where it is located) neighbors to the site, or “an entirely new school on another site,” a “new early childhood building” that would serve kindergarten, first and second grade students, among other things freeing up Jefferson from accommodating the second grade.