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UPDATE: With Video! Mason High Alums Reunite for ‘Flash Mob’ ‘Les Miz’ Chorus at Tysons Mall

News-Press photo

At the food court outside the AMC Theaters in the Tysons Corner mall where the movie version of the hit musical, “Les Miserables,” opened on Christmas, over a dozen members of the cast of Falls Church’s award-winning George Mason High School production of Les Miz from 2010 assembled in “flash mob” fashion to surprise and please onlookers with a rousing chorus from the musical. Most were home for their college break and their numbers continued to swell as the chorus gained force. Flummoxed mall security, which had told the group it could not assemble for such a thing, stayed away when the students slowly simply began singing and their numbers and volume gradually moved in from out of the assembled crowd to grow.

UPDATE: Video!