Letters to the Editor: December 13 – 19, 2012

Shields Clarifies F.C. Development Study


While the City government is working to advance the economic development projects taking place in The Little City, the Falls Church News-Press story in the Dec. 6-12 issue (“Hilton Groundbreaking Signals New Development Wave in Falls Church”) offers a few inaccuracies.

The study conducted to survey the City Hall property as a future site of Mt. Daniel Elementary School was requested and funded by the Schools. The City government has not been presented with this study. Similarly, City officials have not been looking for alternate City Hall sites nor has the City been looking at alternate uses for the Library site. Should there come a time where the Schools present such a scenario, the City government and City Council will conduct a public, comprehensive, and transparent process for evaluating the proposal and will invite comment from the community.

Thank you for your help in clarifying the matter.

Wyatt Shields

City Manager,

City of Falls Church