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Letters to the Editor: November 29 – December 5, 2012

Disapproves of ‘Vulgar’ Sign at New Merrifield Development


The recent urbanization of the formerly warehouse district of Merrifield has been an exciting and much anticipated change. The urban chic district, with the ultra modern Target has been a major transformation of this industrial area. Walking through the development, one truly has the feeling of being somewhere else besides the suburbs. But the Halstead company has gone too far in bringing in the worst of the urban vibe: partial nudity and vulgarity, all in the midst of a family oriented community. I strongly protest the degrading and offensive ad being displayed directly on Gallows Road, not more than two blocks from our local elementary school, Stenwood, by the Halstead company.

The ad features a woman jumping in the air wearing boy shorts with her backside visible and a tagline that reads, “Check out our newest asset…The lofts have arrived.” Without a doubt, the tag line coupled with the photo of the women’s partially bare backside is a play on words referring to the banter of lewd men hawking at women and referring to the vulgar slang for the backside. This is a disgraceful and disgusting attempt to attract attention to their “urban” lofts in the middle of a community full of families and children.

As a mother, as a person of faith, and as a woman’s rights activist, I cannot tolerate such a demeaning and objectifying advertisement in our neighborhood. This ad has gone beyond the common use of an attractive woman paired with a product, which is also degrading and demeaning, but is extremely vulgar and obscene. I, question, too, to what type of urban folks Halstead is trying to appeal and bring into our family oriented community.

I have contacted the company a number of times to talk to the individuals responsible for the foolish and ignorant decision to display such an ad, but have yet to hear back from the relevant parties. I truly hope that our community can voice its concern and bring class, not crass, to our newly urbanized area.

Nicole Correri

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