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Letters to the Editor: November 22 – 28, 2012

Steps Taken During a Presidential Election


In last week’s Letter to the News-Press, Margaret Kirk seems to have things a bit backwards. If I may, here are the steps taken only during a Presidential Election (and I can only speak as to what the Democratic Party does):

1. Earlier in the year, each party in each Congressional District (and we are in Virginia’s 8th) holds a convention. Among many items on the agenda during a Presidential Election Year is “election of a Presidential Elector.” So each Congressional District has a Presidential Elector. I was elected as the Democratic elector for the 8th District.

2. Actual elections are held and citizens vote. As you may remember, the ballot said “Democratic Party Electors for Barack Obama, President, and Joe Biden, Vice President,” rather than just listing the candidates names. So voters were voting for the electors, not directly for the candidates. The winner for President is determined.

3. Then, and only then do the Presidential Electors, representing the winning candidate, receive information as to when to come to Richmond to “push the button” for the winner.

4. The last step is that the electoral votes are sent to the Congress, where the votes are looked over and the winner is determined officially.

So, it depends on who the citizens vote for as to what Electors get to do anything.

Edna Frady

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