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Letters to the Editor: November 15 – 21, 2012

Has Issues With FCNP Crossword Puzzle Clue


We are so fed up with the voting system. We stand in lines to vote and it doesn’t matter, because the Electoral College picks the winner.

So why should the rest of us vote? Just let them do it. It is not fair.

When one candidate wins more states than the other, it shows who the people want. But it doesn’t matter, so what is wrong with that?

And look at all our taxpayer money that went to pay for all those cross country flights made in Air Force One, not to mention all the security that was needed. That was millions of dollars that could have been use to rebuild all the people’s homes that were lost in Hurricane Sandy. So how does the taxpayer win and vote?

A loss all around.

Margaret Kirk

Falls Church


Why Vote When We Really Don’t Pick the Winner?


On the heels of a long and contentious presidential campaign and—at least, in terms of the popular vote—a close election, I am mystified by the decision of the News-Press staff to run last week’s crossword puzzle. This puzzle contained the following clue: “a biased-but-true statement about where to find ‘Republican’ in the dictionary”; and the multiple word answer was: “Just after reptile and just before repugnant.” Clever, yes, from a crossword puzzle standpoint, but also extremely offensive. I am a registered Democrat and I am pleased with my candidates’ success, but that doesn’t mean I should be encouraged by my local newspaper to label Republican friends, neighbors and fellow citizens as reptilian. That kind of journalistic product is aptly referred to as a three letter word beginning with r and ending with g.

Anne Topic

Falls Church


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