Letters to the Editor: November 1 – 7, 2012

Reader Assails Those Stealing His Yard Signs


Please allow this to be an open letter to the thieves who continue to steal my Obama signs that sit in my front yard. This not only includes the 2012 election, but to the thieves who stole the Obama signs in the 2008 election season:

You are cowards. You are afraid to enter a face-to-face debate on the issues. That is what the democratic process is about. It is about neighbors and friends having heart-to-heart discussions about the issues they feel important to them. It’s about agreeing to disagree, if necessary, on issues near and dear to your heart.

You must hate democracy. Democracy is about each individual having a right to choose their leaders. It’s about individuals being able to have a say in who represents them in government.

You must hate the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They give me the freedom of speech. You are impairing the right, by stealing my ability to voice my opinion on who should be our president and vice-president.

Stop being a coward who hates democracy. And remember, you can steal my signs, but you can’t steal my vote!

Sam Klein

Falls Church

‘Criminals’ Defacing & Stealing Obama Signs


Last week some criminals went through Falls Church West and Great Falls Street, stole all Obama yard signs and sprayed “sucks” on larger Obama signs. All Romney signs stayed untouched. What comes next? Street fights?

Rainer Barthel

Falls Church


Anthony’s Fate Would Be Due to Government Bullying


Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed how the Falls Church News-Press has protested against the resolutions being passed by the Falls Church City Council that would result in the closure of Anthony’s restaurant. Given FCNP’s opinions on our government’s positions on national issues I am a bit surprised.

I’ve seen the editorial pages of this paper stand up and cheer when the government bullied national religious organizations over their refusing to make choices that violate their beliefs regarding what their health insurance plans are offered to their employees.

I’ve seen this paper cheer with equal enthusiasm when member of various parts of the government decided to persecute a private business based on its owner’s opinions on gay marriage.

Now a local government is telling its community that it must sacrifice one of its many choices of eateries for the greater good of more tax revenue for the little city’s ever increasing needs. For a newspaper that has so passionately cheerleaded government bullying, it’s interesting to see how its tune changed when it got closer to home and personal.

No, I’m not arguing that Anthony’s should be closed, but I wish that the people who jump up and applaud when the government bullies people they don’t like would realize that eventually it comes back to them.

Jeff Walyus



Fairfax’s Political Clout Will Doom Water Mediation


Are the Falls Church leaders out of their collective minds? We go into non-binding arbitration with a Virginia Judge, knowing that Fairfax County has ten times the political clout of the City of Falls Church. Oh, if we don’t like the decision we can walk out, and is there anyone who thinks that arbitration recommendation will not have an impact down the line? I want an arbiter from West Virginia, Pennsylvania or Beirut.

Henry Gordon

Via the Internet

(Editor replies– The matter is being subjected to mediation, not to non-binding arbitration.)

Says FCNP Coverage of Water Dispute Biased


Might you someday, please, present a balanced view of the absurdly prolonged water war by also interviewing and quoting representatives of Fairfax County and Fairfax Water? FCNP long ago lost all credibility on this issue by perpetually and one-sidedly championing and channeling Falls Church’s amazing view that Fairfax County should buy the water system which Fairfax County residents overwhelmingly paid to construct. FCNP’s “Platform”, repeated in every issue, serves as your humor section since you ignore such lofty promises as “Play no favorites”, “Do not let the news columns reflect editorial policy”, and “Keep the news clean and fair”. Unless you’re the Falls Church mouthpiece you appear to be, let’s hear from Fairfax County/Water.

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church 


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