2024-05-29 3:03 PM
Long-Time Anthony’s Patron Shows Support


I grew up in the Falls Church area. My family lives just across the border in the East Falls Church neighborhood of Arlington and we have been going to Anthony’s Restaurant for years.

My dad is a doctor at Kaiser Permanente in the City and goes there often with his co-workers for lunch. I attended Yorktown high school until I graduated in 2009 and moved to Richmond to attend VCU and I am currently pursuing a Biology degree, with plans of going to medical school. This restaurant has always been a favorite of my family’s; it is where we ate after our first successful negotiation with a car dealership to buy me a car (just up the street at Koon’s on Route 7). The car was a manual transmission car and I could not even drive it yet but I was still elated, and I will always remember the celebratory dinner we had here at Anthony’s. When I visit my family I still demand that we go to this restaurant. I always order the chicken souvlaki sandwich because it is a rare treat that not very many restaurants can offer. And they offer the most delicious version I have ever had. I am aware that one letter will not significantly affect corporate decisions, but I would just like to offer my own personal history as a testimony to the power of a restaurant. And I would like to give a message to the owners: you have created a wonderful Falls Church establishment and for that you should be proud. You have never met me before but I admire the work you have done to create a family gathering-place, and will be coming in soon to show my support.

Thanks for many great meals and good memories.

Alexander Welch

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Says Anthony’s Almost Like One of the Family


I wanted to send a quick note to say how much I love Anthony’s and how devastated my husband and I would be if it closed down in Falls Church City. I learned about Anthony’s when I started dating my husband (then-boyfriend), a City resident, almost 10 years ago. It has been a staple dining spot in our relationship ever since, and when we together bought property this past summer in the City, our first meal in the new house on moving day was an Anthony’s pizza. I know I speak for myself, my husband, and all of our friends when I say we would be heartbroken if Anthony’s closed down in the Little City.

We’d love to do what we can to keep the Anthony’s dream alive.

Bizzy Bracken

Falls Church

20 Year Customer Needs Her Anthony’s Subs


What would I do if I got a sub sandwich attack and there was no Anthony’s? I’ve been a customer for 20 years.

Jean Crowder

Falls Church

Anthony’s Fate No Matter for Government Action


Clearly there is much passion about saving Anthony’s Restaurant but, this really shouldn’t be a government issue but, an owners issue. I have observed a number of situations where state or local governments have “saved” a business and diverted new roads or other development only to have the “saved” business close down shortly after the project is completed. I don’t know if Anthony’s has always been a leased property or if the Yiannarakis family once had ownership of the property. It will be sad if Anthony’s Restaurant has to close but, expired leases happen to businesses every day. The family knew this day was coming and they should have been developing a contingency plan for quite a long time. They alone must decide if their business can or will survive. Virtually all businesses whether corporations or family owned do go out of business one way or another and it is up to the business owners and not the local government to find a way to stay in business. I think it would be appropriate for the City of Falls Church to help by giving expedited reviews, approvals and inspections for a new Anthony’s but, beyond that it is up to the family.

Charles Cantelli

Falls Church 


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