NVRPA Adopts ‘Bold’ New 5-Year Plan

On Sept. 20, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority formally adopted its five year Strategic Plan, following a public meeting and unanimous board approval. “It was wonderful to collect input from the public on the project. It shows that everyone is as interested in our vision as we are,” said NVRPA board chairman Brian Knapp.

“We’re looking forward to addressing these goals and accomplishing what we’ve laid out.” The draft Strategic Plan has a number of bold initiatives that will enhance NVRPA and the entire region. Over 50 percent of regional households participate annually in walking for pleasure, visiting historic sites, visiting local parks and visiting natural areas, according to the 2011 Virginia Outdoor Survey. To respond to this desire for trails, natural areas and historic sites, NVRPA will build on its success at acquiring new parkland in the coming years.

In 2011, the Park Authority began a program called “Nature Nuts,” designed to engage children through recreation and education and get them back outside. As such, the new Strategic Plan calls for the program to reach half a million children over the five year time span, which will improve the physical and mental health of area youth.