Letters to the Editor: September 20 – 26, 2012

Not Happy With FCNP Coverage of Surplus Debate


I’m a bit astonished by the News-Press‘ recent coverage of the Falls Church City debate about how best to handle the city’s nearly $3.7 million dollar surplus. It seems to me that the News Press was clearly one-sided in favor of the school board’s proposed use of surplus funds to cover technology upgrades, rather than considering all sides or providing any new insights.

As a taxpayer of this City, I believe it is wholly appropriate for our City council members to question any large expenditure, particularly one that arises seemingly in response to the fact the City taxed its residents and businesses too much. More, it seems wholly appropriate to question whether the school system should be responsible for providing school children with iPads. Nonetheless, the News Press would seem to have its readers believe that any questioning of school board expenditures is audacious. I suggest to you that our City council members’ loyalties should be to all of the City’s residents, including its taxpayers, and not just to the City’s schools; certainly not to our quacky local newspaper. Perhaps you should re-read your own platform before you publish.

Jeff Robinette

Falls Church 


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