2024-06-20 3:34 PM

Creative Cauldron Audiences to Hear ‘Greatest Songs’ Saturday

The musical group Three For A Song will be bringing “The Greatest Songs You’ve Never Heard” to Creative Cauldron this weekend.

“The Greatest Songs You’ve Never Heard” features recently discovered, never performed 1930s gems from the Library of Congress song archives and from pianist Alex Hassan’s collection of over 40,000 pieces of sheet music.

Three For A Song, featuring Hassan and the singing talents of Doug Bowles and Karin Paludan, debuted “The Greatest Songs” in late 2011. The trio will share breathtaking melodies from stage and film, with clever lyrics, bouncy rhythms, and hot tempos. Woven between the songs, audiences will hear hilarious, heart-warming and surprising anecdotes about the songs and songwriters.

“The Greatest Songs You’ve Never Heard” is scheduled for Saturday at 8 p.m. at Creative Cauldron at ArtSpace Falls Church, 410 S. Maple Ave. Tickets are $20, and $18 for students and seniors. For more information, visit creativecauldron.org.





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