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Letters to the Editor: August 30 – September 5, 2012

Incivility Behind the Wheel Strikes Again in F.C.


A week ago, after leaving the Farmers Market, I stood at the corner of Little Falls and West Broad. When the light changed, I walked across Broad. As I crossed the median and was halfway across the other side, a car veered around the corner from Little Falls and honked at me.

I held up my hand for him to stop and the driver called me an vile name and shouted that I was walking against the light. In fact, I had the light—as he did–we were both going in the same direction, but I had reached the middle of the road before him. I wonder why he felt it appropos to run a senior citizen down. I wonder why he didn’t bother to know the law of yielding to pedestrians, but I wonder most about why he was so uncivil to another human being.

Scot Walker

Falls Church


Besen Shouldn’t Have Lashed at Family Group


I was very surprised to read a column in the Aug. 23-29 edition of FCNP by gay rights activist Wayne Besen. Besen did the right thing on Aug. 15 when he co-signed a letter with 22 other GLBT leaders that condemned the attack by a gun man on the headquarters of the conservative Christian Family Research Council within a few hours of the wounding of a security guard in the Chinatown office. It was a classy move that Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said Fox News the next day he and his staff appreciated very much. The FBI later confirmed that they were investigating the crime as a potential act of domestic terrorism.

But then in his column, Besen doubled down on the very same slander of the FRC l that might have motivated the shooter in the first place. Besen writes, “The Family Research Council is a legitimate hate group with a nasty habit of trying to demonize its foes.” Mr. Besen needs to look in the mirror because exactly the same statement could be applied to his column. He provides very few specific examples of why he calls FRC a “hate group” beyond the fact that this Christian group disagrees with Besen and LGBT leaders on what is or has been the definition of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Besen claims that Perkins once purchased a mailing list from former Klan member David Duke. If that is not guilt by association then the term has no meaning. Besen seems to overlook the fact that the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia) was U.S. Senate Democratic Leader as recently as 1995. Sen. Byrd was an active leader and Kleagle or recruiter when he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan during World War II at the Liberty shipyard in Baltimore.

The point Perkins made in his news conference on Aug. 15 was one that Besen should agree with and that is there is no reason for any group to be labeled as a “hate group” on such a flimsy pretext that boils down to nothing more than differences over policy.

Mark Rhoads

Falls Church 


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