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Letters to the Editor: August 16 – 22, 2012

F.C. Ineffective at Reigning In Unbridled Building


Development of 1007 Lincoln Ave and soon 406 Van Buren adjoining substandard lots showcases the City’s inventive approach and commitment to building hundreds of homes on currently adjoining substandard lots despite its ordinances that discourage such development. Convoluted processes and secrecy hamper neighbors from knowing about and challenging developments that heavily impact their neighborhoods.

Building permits and clear cutting of lots are completed by developers before neighbors can challenge a developer’s plans. Building permits are issued early in the process so that developers can race to advance their project to the maximum extent to make it virtually impossible for neighbors to effectively challenge those actions – the trees are cut and foundations poured even before neighbors can halt the development. The word is out that Falls Church City is ineffective in preventing the development of the hundreds of adjoining substandard lots.

Is it not the role of City Government to govern openly so that all are reading off the same page of music? How is it that the Zoning Administrator, City Attorney and City Manager appear to facilitate developers at the expense of neighbors? Do not the taxpayers and voters have standing in their own community?

Visit the development on 1007 Lincoln Ave and talk with the neighbors to learn if the leadership in the City is promoting a better City. If the City wants to regulate the quality of development, then the policy, processes, and ordinances must be clear and workable for all. The City Council and the Planning Commission must find the political willpower to address zoning processes and ordinances. The current conflict between neighbors and would-be developers is unnecessary if the city has workable processes and ordinances and enforces them.

Richard Maynard

Falls Church


Mustang Tennis Player Says Courts In Disrepair


For the past two years, I have had the privilege of playing on the George Mason High School Girls Tennis team. A bold way to use Falls Church City School’s FY12 surplus would be to invest in fixing Mason’s four tennis courts.

The expanding cracks do not reflect the way we play. Seeping mud and water are persistent safety liabilities that cannot be squeegeed away. These severe cracks and surface puddles have caused injuries to my teammates, players from other districts, and even caused us to forfeit a match. Courts three and four are in the worst condition and sometimes cannot even be used. This impacts both teams during competition because we play nine matches (each lasting approximately sixty minutes) using only two courts.

Please help me and other tennis lovers by using a portion of the FY12 surplus to insure safe and fun matches.

Emme Jo Klein

Falls Church

Women Should Care About Jobs First, Not Health Issues


What is wrong with women going on and on about health insurance, birth control and abortion? They should realize that we need a President that helps get people back to work and stop losing jobs and homes– that’s how they’ll keep our insurance.

First, it’s more important to put a President in that can save our jobs and protect our constitution and rights, instead of one that for the last three years has messed it all up and used the health care business to get re-elected.

Wake up women, we have to have jobs first and then fight for our health insurance or we will have four more years of the same economy. Or even worse.

Janice Stephens

Falls Church 


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