New Virginia E-Z Pass ‘Flex’ Now Available

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) announced yesterday the launch of E-Z Pass Flex, a new E-Z Pass transponder able to switch between toll-free and toll-paying travel on the 495 Express Lanes scheduled to open by the end of this year.

Because the 495 Express Lanes are an all-electronic tolling facility, every vehicle in the lanes will need an E-Z Pass transponder. Though every standard E-Z Pass transponder will work in the Express Lanes, only the E-Z Pass Flex transponder enables drivers to use a manual switch on the transponder to select between toll-paying mode and HOV mode. Drivers with three or more people in the car and an E-Z Pass Flex transponder switched to the HOV mode will be able to use the 495 Express Lanes toll free. “When it comes to reaching important destinations in Virginia, travelers now have choices,” said VDOT Chief Deputy Commissioner Charlie Kilpatrick. “Travelers can take the bus or Metro, drivers can take the 495 Express Lanes or Capital Beltway general purpose lanes, and with the flip of a switch on the E-Z Pass Flex and two passengers, choose to carpool toll-free on the Capital Beltway.”

Individuals can sign up on line at, or acquire one at the Tysons Corner DMV, 1968 Gallows Rd.