Letters to the Editor: July 12 – 18, 2012

Thanks to All Who Helped In Wake of Big Storm


Kudos to our Public Works department after the massive tree damage during the June 29 storm. I thought, “This will take weeks to clear all of the branches that we have already brought out to the street area for pickup, and it will take months to get rid of all that is in our backyards.”

To my amazement, all of the large amount of tree debris that was already out by the street was picked up the first Wednesday after the storm. Thanks, Public Works!

And thanks go to all of the others, the police, fire department, tree companies, and Dominion Power crews who worked outside during the thunderstorm, in the blazing heat, around the clock to clear our streets and get our power back on. Volunteers also pitched in to clear up the wreckage.

We also thank the out-of-town crews from tree companies and power companies who came to get us back to normal. Power lines were down on Oak Street, and it was a tree crew from Washington, North Carolina who came to remove the massive tree limbs hanging on cables so that Dominion Power could get our electricity back on.

We humans appreciate what you’ve done, but it was our furry friends in our house that appreciate having the air conditioning back on the most. As roasting as it was, imagine going day after day through that heat with a fur coat on!

Shirley Connuck

Falls Church 


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