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Letters to the Editor: June 21 – 27, 2012

Kudos to Moran for Helping Keep Chesapeake Clean


One of my favorite things Falls Church is its access to nature – many of us live within easy walking distance of creekside trails. Clean rivers and streams are not only important for our quality of life, they’re also vital to the health of the waters they feed into, like the Chesapeake Bay. For more than a decade, though, the Bay has been at risk of more pollution thanks to two polluter-driven Supreme Court decisions. These decisions left 57 percent of Virginia’s streams at risk.

To make matters worse, 18 million pounds of toxic industrial pollution was dumped into Virginia’s waterways in 2010 – the second most of any state in the country.
Unfortunately, just as President Obama is about to sign off on new protections for our waterways, Congress voted to keep many of Virginia’s waters inadequately protected by the Clean Water Act by blocking an amendment to the House Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act (HR 5325) from Congressmen Jim Moran and John Dingell.

We applaud Congressman Moran for protecting the Chesapeake Bay by sponsoring this amendment – he has been a tireless champion of clean water for Virginians. I hope our senators also protect clean water by voting against attempts to weaken the Clean Water Act when the Energy and Water bill moves to Senate.

Laura Kate Anderson

Falls Church 


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