F.C. Kiwanis Little League Weekly Recap: May 7 – 13

Majors Division

The Cubs defeated the Red Sox on Saturday by a score of 9 to 6. Cubs’ pitcher Biruk Teshome led his team to victory by pitching a complete game, striking out 4 and allowing no walks. The Cubs’ offense was led by Bill Comstock with 2 hits and 3 RBIs, Ben Manon with 2 hits and 1 RBI, and Noah Sedmak and John Putziger with a hit each. Red Sox batters Thomas Creed, Thomas Dean, Steven Doherty, Ben Freeman, Peter McComb, and Henry Middlebrook totaled 8 hits for the home team.

The Red Sox defeated the Nationals by a score of 5 to 4. Thomas Dean picked up his second win and reliever Thomas Creed earned the save by striking out three and allowing only two hits. Both Red Sox pitchers, as well as teammates Craig Fischer, Steven Doherty and Christian Farrace had hits in the victory. Red Sox second baseman Peter McComb made a game-saving catch with two men on in the top of the sixth to preserve the win. Nationals players Sam Poggioli, Sean Butler, Connor Freeman, Corey Lauer, and Aidan Clark all hit safely in the game.

Yankee’s pitcher Brendan Dunning had an impressive game, throwing 5 1/3 strong innings and hitting a grand slam. Catcher Nick Lillis had solid play behind the plate for the Yankees. Paul Pacheco went two for two with a triple and two walks, scoring three runs for the Yankees. Orioles’ Josh Barker had 2 hits with shortstop Tyler Campbell making a key double play. Joey Handley came in as relief pitcher with bases loaded in the 5th and closed out the inning with no additional runs. Yankees, 10; Orioles, 1.

Single A Division

Theo Wilton went 3-for-3 and scored what turned out to be game winning run in the Single-A Bees’ 12-8 victory over the Raptors Friday at Jefferson Village Park. Jake Barakat delivered two hits and two RBI, and Theo Schmidt was 2-for-2 with a run scored, as the Bees over came a 5-0 deficit.

Josh Wattles’ acrobatic, tumbling catch in left field shut down a late-game rally, and the Bees held on for a 12-11 victory Saturday over the Ironbirds at Jefferson Village. Thomas Jenkins roped three line-drive hits for the Bees from the leadoff spot, and Ben Petty also went 3-for-3, with both teams turning in solid defense for a Single-A game. Daniel Martinez went 3-for-3 for the visiting Ironbirds.

The Single Express hosted the Ironbirds at Jefferson Village. For the Ironbirds, Jake Traverse, Mason Green, and Will Rambo had three hits apiece and Pedro Lourdes made a great catch on a tough pop up. Matt Saaty had four hits for the Express. Will Hauber and Bobby Puentes each had three hits and three runs scored. Elijah Pelton hammered a timely hit for the home team, while George Gillette and Ty Robinson stood out in the field. Express, 14; Ironbirds, 7.

Majors Standings:

Yankees, 8-0-0

Nationals, 4-3-0

As, 3-5-0

Orioles, 3-5-0

Red Sox, 3-5-0

Cubs, 2-6-0

AAA Standings:

Phillies, 6-2-0

Tigers, 5-2-1

Cardinals, 5-2-1

Mets, 4-4-0