Kaine Delivers ‘Faith Values’ Talk in F.C.

Referring to “faith values,” former Virginia Governor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine came to the Community Center in the heart of the City of Falls Church Sunday night to deliver keynote remarks to the Falls Church City Democratic Committee’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Potluck. U.S. Rep. Jim Moran and his brother, State Democratic chair Brian Moran were also in attendance, along with State Sen. Dick Saslaw and State Del. Jim Scott. Kaine and the Morans came from an earlier event at the McLean home of Former Democratic National Committee chair and presumptive 2013 gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, where President Barackh Obama and Former President Bill Clinton spoke that afternoon.

Jim Moran introduced Kaine at the Falls Church event. Kaine said of all the Democratic Jefferson-Jackson events in the state, Falls Church’s is the best because it is done in an old-fashioned potluck style. In the identified seven “battleground” states in the upcoming presidential election, Kaine said, Virginia is at the top of the list, and Falls Church is known as “a high turnout, high margin” state for Democrats. “How great it is to be in a place that really matters,” he said. “We have to convince Virginia voters that their future is safer in our hands.” He said, “I like what motivates Democrats, we are the ‘Good Samaritan’ party. We will stop and pay attention to someone in need. We don’t just walk by. We work for the underdog we’re concerned for the gap between what is and what ought to be.” He noted that the derisive GOP term for Obama’s health reform is “Obamacare,” as if, he said, “There is something wrong with the idea of care.” Long-time Falls Church resident Charles Langalis was honored at the potluck with the local Democratic committee’s Marian Driver award for his contribution to the committee’s efforts.