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Kaye Kory’s Richmond Report


Last night, Bonnie, who was arrested at the Women’s Rights Rally on Saturday and held handcuffed for nearly nine hours, spoke to the Virginia New Majority Central VA Chapter. She called the recent wave of legislation restricting access to women’s health services rolling over the General Assembly a “war on women.”

While I don’t think this is the intentionof any Delegate or Senator, I am compelled to state publicly that it certainly feels like a war on women. After the arrests of protesters on the Capitol steps this past weekend, “war” is a particularly apt description. “Over-reach” and “moral arrogance” are additional apt descriptions. Even setting aside my outrage at the trampling on women’s rights as they have lawfully existed for over 40 years, I simply cannot reconcile the astonishingly hypocritical legislation (SB 484 is an excellent example) with the oft-stated political philosophy espoused by the Republican majority that small, less obtrusive government is best for Virginia and for our country. How can I seriously accept that belief in small, unobtrusive government is a sincere and fundamental tenet of the Virginia Republican party, when this belief is only applied legislatively to some areas, yet not to all?

Not to women’s health,

Not to voter’s rights,

Not to public education.

Saying one thing but doing another is Webster’s definition of hypocrisy. And I fear that the legacy of the 2012 Session of the General Assembly will be just that: Hypocrisy.


Delegate Kory represents the 38th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. She may be emailed at DelKKory@house.virginia.gov.