Baroukh, Duncan Qualify for F.C. Ballot

It was confirmed this week that Falls Church Mayor Nader Baroukh and citizen activist Phil Duncan have both qualified for the May 1 F.C. City Council election, according to the Voter Registrar. Both submitted more than the 125 petition signatures required, along with other forms.

Duncan and another announced candidate, John Lawrence, were present to campaign at Tuesday’s luncheon of the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce. A fourth announced candidate, Council incumbent Lawrence Webb, is also in the running, and the News-Press has learned that at least three more citizens are either in the throes of making up their minds or quietly circulating petitions at this time.

Candidates, for the Council as well as the School Board, have until March 6 to file the needed petition signatures to compete for three seats that will be contested only the seven total seats on both bodies.