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Letters to the Editor: February 16 – 22, 2012

‘Light Pollution’ Bothers Residents on W. Broad St.


I am writing to speak out against the “Spot Light on W Broad St.” The City installed a traffic monitoring light on W Broad St, which flashes very brightly on and off in front of our Winter Hill townhouses in November 2010.This spotlight is especially annoying as it flashes on and off indiscriminately, even when there is no traffic in the intersection!

My neighbors and I are greatly disturbed by this light pollution in our community and feel that it does not belong so close to residential our area. We wrote a letter to the editor almost one year ago (which was published in the Falls Church News-Press), we’ve formally spoken to the City Council, written the mayor and the city manager and even invited them to attend our Winter Hill Condominium Association board meeting so that we may express our hardship. As a result our condo association has written a letter to our City fathers asking that the obnoxious light be removed as it not only disturbs our quiet little community, it will also effect our property values. We received a letter back which amounts to brushing us off again.

Guess what? The spotlight is still here. And we will not stand by and let our quality of life and our property values be negatively impacted by this nuisance. Our next step is to distribute a petition which we will present to the City Council next month.

Barbara Williams

Falls Church


Praises Work of Assistant Athletic Director


Our own George Mason High School assistant athletic director, Julie Bravin, is an extraordinary mentor for Falls Church City. Ms. Bravin has developed leadership techniques that consistently results in superior motivation, fulfillment, and top-level performance. She makes us proud. Coach Bravin’s record of team successes is extraordinary.

Such a high number of Falls Church City kids desire to train under her tutelage that she is forced to hold “try-outs” for GMHS boys’ and girls’ cross-country teams (both current state champions) and “cut” athletes. Can you recall any high demand for cross-country at your own high school?

Ms. Bravin mentors her senior class members, teaching them that their legacy extends beyond their own school-year successes. An important element of their legacy is next year’s success of the team. Her seniors are responsible for developing the future. She trains kids to be leaders. As coach, she charters the senior class to develop and lead the 8th graders. To be mentors, themselves, with their own protégés. As an example, Coach Bravin’s seniors must learn the names of all their 8th grade teammates and are responsible to mentor them to become athletes, teammates, scholars, and Mustangs.

In 2009, Boy Scout Troop 349, Falls Church City, was formed with the specific purpose of using scouting to teach leadership to youth. Ms. Bravin was gracious to present her winning philosophies to the adult leaders of the boy scouts. She delivered important lessons for our parents, youth, and our City. As adult leaders in the community, we thank and applaud both Coach Bravin and our school district for such superlative talent and dedication.

Jim Custer

Falls Church


Likes Idea of Raising Chickens in Back Yards


I read with keen interest Charlie Clark’s, Our Man In Arlington article, allowing individuals to own chickens in their backyards. What a great idea…not only will it possibly save money on eggs costs but think about the responsibility it will give our children about raising animals.

H. Fox

Falls Church


Supports Family Research Council View on Gays


In the Feb. 9, 2012 edition of the News-Press, Wayne Besen writes an open letter about a group called PFOX. Apparently someone from the Family Research Council has called homosexuality “unnatural and unhealthy” and an attack on the “natural family.” Well the truth is that the Family Research Council is correct. I know that it has become politically correct to say that this is not so, but it is.

Tony Dallesandro

Via the Internet


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