F.C. Episcopalians Announce Reoccupation Plans

The “continuing Episcopalian” parish – expelled from the historic Falls Church property when a majority of congregants voted to breakaway from the national Episcopal Church – has followed on last month’s court ruling assigning the property to their control by announcing this week plans for worship on the reclaimed site, even though no formal date has been established yet when the breakaway group will vacate the premises.

The Episcopal parish announced “the continuation of the parish’s traditional Sunday morning schedule of worship and Christian education” upon its “anticipated return to the historic property.” According to the Rev. Cathy Tibbets, interim priest-in-charge of the Episcopalian parish, said in a statement, “A Sunday schedule of two morning services and a period of Christian education is a long-standing tradition which we fully intend to continue.” The parish statement emphasized “concern, together with the Diocese, for the continued health of the Falls Church Day School currently operating on the campus of the historic church.”