F.C. Democratic Committee Reconstituted

Following a filing deadline on Dec. 16, Betty Coll, chair of the Falls Church City Democratic Committee (FCCDC), announced that the FCCDC had been reconstituted without the need for an unassembled caucus that had been tentatively set for Dec. 17.

That was because, with fewer than 30 people applying, there was no need for an election. Those forming the committee, all registered voters in Falls Church who pledged not to support any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee and “believing in the principles of the Democratic Party,” include Coll, Renee Andrews, Phil Duncan, Joan Huber, Andrea Johnston, Wanda Howard, Susan Pollock, Tom Smolinski, Miles Grant, Elizabeth Culver, Nicholas Benton, Susanna Houston, Kathleen Bittle, Nancy Snider and Andrew Tarpgaard.

Expected to be added to the committee in January are Tom Devlin and Tom Clinton.