Letters to the Editor: November 17 – 23, 2011


GOP Should Nominate Huntsman & Paul or Gingrich



Too bad the GOP won’t nominate Huntsman-Paul or even Gingrich.

This ticket might just be too normal, nuanced and thoughtful to get the Republicans’ nod this time out. It’s too bad, too. The ambassador and the gadfly congressman would be their most-likely-to-win candidates in the 2012 general election. But let’s face it: These two probably offer too much gravitas and are too serious for most of the party grassroots, especially the TeaPartyers who don’t let facts or thoughful discussion temper their outrage. No, it appears far more likely the ‘peasants with pitchforks’wing will win out and nominate two of the jocular jokers instead. How about Cain-Bachman? Or Bachman-Santorum? Democrats must be loving it – so much the better for President Obama’s re-election chances. Bozos and know-nothings seems an accurate description of most of the rest of the Republican field – except Newt Gingrich,whose major handicap is an outsize ego, not the knowledge and qualification deficits plaguing the other contenders. (Even Romney could nominally qualify as a bozo candidate, on account of his Stepford-aspect, his flip-flops and the fact he wants to be president so badly.) Don’t assume the GOP will go with a pair of smart nominees. The simple-minded right wing with its distinct Neanderthal component could prevail in the choice of the ticket.

Privately at least, President Obama’s reelection team – which will need all possible breaks during the coming campaign – must be crossing their fingers as they chant “bring it on!”

Dirk C. Zipf



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