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Vehicle Decals Required in F.C. City for Residents

Falls Church City residents are reminded that all cars, trucks and motorcycles normally garaged within the City must be registered and clearly display a City decal. Vehicles entering the City of Falls Church for the first time have 60 days to be registered with the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in City Hall, 300 Park Ave.

Decals can be purchased in the Treasurer’s Office in City Hall. The fee is $33 a year for most vehicles. Decals must be renewed annually and posted by Nov. 15. Beginning Nov. 16, The City’s parking enforcement officer will ticket cars without decals.

For more information, contact the parking enforcement office at 703-248-5314 or the treasurer’s office at 703-248-5046.

Correction: This week’s print edition of the News-Press incorrectly listed the decal fee as $25.