2024-07-14 3:43 AM

Jump in Personal Property Tax $ for F.C.’s 1st Quarter

The Falls Church City Council received its fiscal year 2012 first quarter report from Chief Financial Officer Richard LeCondre Monday night, and the good news was that collection of personal property taxes was up by $324,927 over original projections. However, it was noted that number was based on billings, and not revenues in.

According to Council member Robin Gardner, there are reports that payments of personal property taxes that were due by Oct. 5 have been sluggish. Overall, according to LeCondre’s report, the City is ahead projections by $695,377 in revenues and below by $1,158,260 in expenditures after the first quarter, but it was noted that this is a common pattern for first quarter activity, and it is expected the numbers will level off to projections as the fiscal year progresses. For example, the underspending has been due to the fact that payments on contracts for maintenance and services are not yet due. LeCondre said his office is particularly watchful of what the cost of legal services and inter-jurisdictional agreements for the City might be.





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