2024-05-23 10:56 AM

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Attorney Says DNA Test Shows Sperm is Not Michael Gardner’s

In a statement released to the media this afternoon, Peter J. Greenspun, attorney for Falls Church City resident Michael Gardner states that the DNA report filed with the Clerk of the Arlington Circuit Court states that Gardner “is eliminated as a contributor” of sperm that was detected on clothing of one of the underage females he is charged with molesting. “Due to false press reports, it is necessary to clarify,” the statement reads. “The press has obtained information from a DNA report, and has inaccurately reported that Mr. Gardner was the source of sperm found in the crotch area and pant leg of the pajama pants of one of the children involved in the case. In fact, the DNA report says no such thing, and actually states the opposite, that Mr. Gardner is eliminated as a contributor of the sperm.”

In continues, “Therefore, false press reports have led to the conclusion that there is overwhelming evidence that Michael Gardner is guilty. The only fact found by the DNA report is that there was an unknown contributor of sperm to the pajama pants of a child who is a complainant in this case. We do not know who that sperm is identified with, except that it is not identified with Mr. Gardner.”

In a letter attached to the statement, Greenspun calls on all media outlets who reported false information about the DNA report to retract their reports with “prominent and immediate corrections.”







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