Letters to the Editor: August 18 – 24, 2011

Too Much Fear Inhibiting Attacks On Right Wing


I totally agree with Mr. Besen’s “Stop Rightwashing Reality” column in the Aug. 4 – 10 edition of the News-Press.

There is indeed a fear by journalists and liberals to not upset the wackiness of the extreme right wing. The media and we, as a sane society, desperately need to “tell it like it is” and not be afraid to tax the rich, feed the poor and generally do the right thing. All religions preach doing good deeds so let’s get on with it from the President to the person on the street. It’s not the debt we need to obsess about but rather how we’re going to raise the money and how we’re going to create jobs.

Thanks, Wayne Besen, for speaking up!

Connie Kiosse

Falls Church



Besen Assailed Book Sold By Bachmann Clinic


Wayne Besen’s offensively-named column “Anything but Straight” (Really? Anything?) sports a title this week that is nothing short of the pot-calling-the-kettle-black.

In “Bachmann’s Ex-Gay Minister,” Besen liberally sprinkles words throughout like lying, dishonesty, distorting, misrepresenting, misinformation, “little white lies,” “Big Lie,” etc., when his own title is guilty of the same. With the current field of potential Republican candidates getting so much (negative) press these days, Besen is counting on misleading his readership into thinking Michele Bachmann has an ex-gay pastor!

And so what if she does? But it turns out, upon reading the article, Besen is excoriating the author of a book sold by Marcus Bachmann’s clinic, whose ministerial credentials (if any) were not even mentioned. Of course, “Book in Politician’s Spouse’s Office is a Lie! “ would have spawned epidemic yawning across the city, so I guess the end justifies the means?

Peggy Monahan

Falls Church


Blames Obama For Gridlock On Debt Limit


Eric Blair would shudder at seeing a part of contemporary America; a leftwing, totalitarian establishment where lies are truths and truths are lies. He would see liberal cadres summoned for their two minutes hates targeting Bush, FOX News, Sarah Palin, or anyone who fails to toe the liberal line.

The column by Nick Benton highlights how the totalitarian left puts agenda ahead of facts. First, it was Obama who was responsible for the brinkmanship over the debt limit increase; his sole condition on the increase was selfish; it had to go beyond the 2012 elections so as not to be a campaign issue.

It was Obama who asked Sen. Reid to stop cooperating on a bipartisan effort one week before the final plan was adopted to create the lie that Republicans were to blame.

As for Republican opposition to the Stimulus, if massive spending were a solution to our economic ailments we would be in the middle of an economic boom. The Stimulus failed because it consisted of handouts to liberal constituencies such as unions and state and local governments.

Obamanomics is spending $800 billion to save or create two million jobs – or $400,000 a job. Bravo.

The only responsible actors in the federal government are House Republicans – they approved a budget that would reduce spending by $6 trillion, more than enough to avoid the downgrade. Obama’s absurd budget got zero votes in the Democrat Senate, a body that has not approved a federal budget in over two years.

Obama and his fellow brown shirts forced health care on the American people over strong public opposition. Now, if Obama cared about the economy and job creation, one positive step he could take is repealing this onerous health care law.

However, his vision is not for a prosperous America, it is for his version of North Korea. He wants his government to control our health care, education, energy production and manufacturing, and how we think and how we live.

America can’t survive a second Obama term and may not get through this one.

Paul Flusche

Falls Church


Hails Crackdown On Illegal Gambling At Eden Center


Glad to see that Chief Rietze, Sheriff Bittle and the rest of the task force has cracked down on illegal gambling at the Eden Center. Although I believe that a cultural center such as the Eden Center should exist. There is no room for prostitution or gambling there. Good Work.

Brooke Anderson

St. Pete Beach, FL


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