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F.C. Residents Honored at Virginia Tech Commencement

The following Virginia Tech students were among those honored at the university’s spring commencement:

Linda Shannon, Jonathan Morales, Jennifer Condra, Christopher Featherston, Changshu Jian, Sirui Liu, Yao-Ching Peng, Peggy Wang, Stephen Hawley, Matthew Knapper and Brian Yeagley with master’s degrees; and Kieran McCloskey, Stefani Barlow, Toan Duong, Ji-hyun Moon, Griffin Ofiesh, Joseph Pereira, Michael Van Atta, Matthew Glazer, Carianne Jones, Peter Kang, Jung Kim, So-Yeon Kim, Robert Lauby, Brooke Veoni, Kevin Wulff, Michael Murphy, Thanh Nguyen-Dao, Melissa Collins, Michael Devlin, Graham Downey, Sean Follin, Constance Lewis, Brian Schmitt and Emily Whitesell with bachelor’s degrees.