2024-07-19 11:10 AM

F.C. Indie Filmmaker Wins 1st In International Competition

Falls Church City resident Mark Byrne has won two awards for his independent films. He captured first place in the Drama/Crime category with his full-length feature film noir, Taste of Desperation, and Honorable Mention for his horror short, Out There, from the Indy Gathering International Film Festival.

Taste of Desperation was shot in black and white, has an original jazz musical score, and features veteran actor Conrad Brooks. Brooks is most notable known for his work in the films of Director Ed Wood including the cult favorite, Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Byrne writes, directs, and edits all of his films. His casts are made of regional actors along with the production crews. He is currently in production with two more films: Forbidden Room, a mystery that includes some local Falls Church City actors and locations and Small Fish, Small Pond a “drinking drama” to be shot at a local bar.

Mark and his wife, Donna, will be attending this year’s event, the 15th Indie Gathering International Film Festival, Aug. 26 – 28 in Cleveland, Ohio. The festival will feature over 75 films from around the world. Trailers for the two award winning films can be seen by keying in on the website www.createspace.com/269949 and www.createspace.com/297967.





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